Why Choose Stairbusters for you’re in home residential elevator?

Stairbusters has been the leader in making it easier to live at home for many years. There is a good chance one of your friends or neighbors has had a Stairbuster product installed, like an in home elevator or a stairlift.

Stairbusters takes great pride in being a local family, veteran owned and operated company. With your comfort, safety and excellent service as our priorities. We work with many vendors to bring you the best options for your in home elevator needs.

It is our goal to make it a pleasure to speak with one of our professional ion home elevator experts. They are so friendly, knowledgeable and are happy to answer all of your questions with no obligation.

We are proud to take your call and have the opportunity to earn your business. Take the first step today it is easy, just call 1-800-706-2226 to schedule your no obligation FREE in home estimate. Our family here at Stairbusters will make this important decision stress free and easier on your family. We are proudly a local, veteran and family owned company, not some big nationwide business that will not care about you after the installation is completed. We will be here for you whenever you need us, and hope you will be so happy with your new in home elevator and our great Stairbusters service, you will refer your friends to us. This is our favorite way of adding new happy customers.

A Stairbusters in home elevator will be safe, beautiful and function smoothly as it should or the team at Stairbusters will make it right always. You can count on Stairbusters for all of your in home elevator needs before and after the installation.

After Hours?

If you have found us after normal business hours, great welcome to our site. Please send us an email and request an in home estimate, its easy. Just send us the contact form above and we will do the rest.  We will call you in the morning and set up a time that is convenient for you and your family to have a Stairbusters in home residential elevator professional come by for a FREE no obligation estimate.


Wessex is a UK market leading home elevator company, whose goal since the early 1970’s has been to provide people the freedom they need in their homes. With stylish, ergonomic and functional designs, their lifts are flexible enough to find a place around almost any home. In their four decades of experience they have refined their techniques to produce a line of products that ensure quality and reliability. 

Call Stairbusters today to schedule a FREE, no obligation, in home estimate to get more information about having your own, stylish, functional and affordable home elevator. 

Since 1976, Wessex Lifts has been dedicated to the manufacture of unique low rise lift solutions. Our expertise and experience are encompassed in our constantly developing range of products. Today our products include the VE Homelift, Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift, LR Platform Lift, SP Steplift and LL Open Platform Lift which can allow users to overcome heights of up to 18ft.

Stairbusters carries high quality Home Elevator brands


An elevator designed for the home

Illuminated, ergonomically designed internal elevator controls for ease of use. Powered door option available.


Flexibility of Elevator Installation Locations

Free-standing design of our through floor elevator does not require load bearing wall. Door opening and internal controls may be either left or right and can be changed to enable relocation of elevator.

Attention to Safety

Wessex Residential Elevators, VE range, comply with ASME 17.1 and the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.


Choice of through floor lift models:

  • VE15 – Small Residential Elevator, lifting up to 118″
  • VE25 -Small Residential Elevator, lifting up to 137″
  • VE31 – Standard Residential Elevator, lifting up to 118″
  • VE36 – Large Residential Elevator, lifting up to 118″
  • VE38 – Extra large Residential Elevator, lifting up to 118″
  • VE51 – Standard Residential Elevator, lifting up to 137″
  • VE56 – Large Residential Elevator, lifting up to 137″
  • VE58 – Extra large Residential Elevator, lifting up to 137″



  • Timer-controlled lights illuminate the elevator car. They are activated automatically by the operation of the elevator and switch off after a pre-set time
  • Fixed internal ramp. Residential Elevator takes less room for ‘tighter’ fits increasing space outside the elevator
  • Residential Elevator arrives flat packed for ease of transport and entry into the home, where the elevator is assembled by Wessex trained engineers
  • In the event of power failure emergency back-up systems operate the door, light and alarm, and lower the elevator to the ground
  • Free-standing elevator tracks eliminates the need for a load-bearing wall, thus giving a wider choice of elevator location
  • Audible two-tone alarm with battery back-up is fitted as standard for use in an emergency
  • Elevator safety edges will automatically stop the home elevator in ascent is touched or obstructed
  • An aesthetically pleasing pearl grey exterior and a silver (RAL 9006) interior
  • Sensors built in to the floating platform prevent descent if obstructed
  • Illuminated internal push button controls
  • Door and elevator controls can be handed right or left to suit the user
  • Wireless call stations
  • Integral fire seal
  • SWL 550Ibs


  • Hand rails fitted as standard to front of car in VE15 and VE25 models. Available as optional extra on all other models
  • The Wessex seat is available as an option in all the models
  • Power door VE31, 36, 38, 51, 56, 58 model only
  • Telephone fitted as standard
  • Auto Homing Facility
  • False wall panels


Wessex policy is one of continuous products development and the company therefore reserves the right to alter product or component specifications without notice.

Savaria is the company that brings personal mobility solutions to your life: in the home, in a vehicle and in public spaces. 

Eclipse Home Elevator

The Eclipse residential elevator is a smooth riding elevator that doesn’t require a separate machine room so it takes less space in the home and usually takes less time to install than hydraulic elevators. Construction requirements for the Eclipse are simpler than some other home elevators, making it easier to install into an existing home.

Your local dealer can also show you the many ways to make your Eclipse home elevator the perfect complement to your home with a variety of finishes and fixtures to suit virtually any décor. For superior convenience and a modern appearance, add Savaria automatic slim doors.


Telecab Elevator

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add an elevator to your home is with the SavariaTelecab “through the floor” home elevator. This unit requires minimal construction because no elevator hoistway is required for installation. Its modern design accommodates 2 stops making it our most economical elevator.

This innovative “vanishing” elevator travels on a guide rail system through a floor cut-out. The modern appearance of the Telecab blends into your home decor and the enclosed drive tower keeps mechanical components out of site and safe. This unit is a good option for those with reduced mobility. Your Telecab elevator comes with interior lighting and is finished in white or beige powder coat. If you’re considering a home elevator, but are worried about space, the SavariaTelecab home elevator may be just right for you.