Portable Voyager

A track lift system that gives you all the versatility and flexibility you will ever need. Whether you are transferring a patient from a bed, chair or floor, the portable Voyager will always give you the same dependability and reliability.




  •  Integrated controls allow you to operate the lift with
    or without a handset.
  • A 24-volt battery allows you to perform all your tasks worry-free. When necessary, it recharges in less than 2 hours.
  • The carry bar can accommodate most types of slings.
  • Our high-strength track system easily installs onto any ceiling – new or old – while being discreet and esthetically pleasing.
arm-extensionCombined with the Quick Release function, the “arm extension” gives people of any height the same ability to attach the lift to the track. At the same time unnecessary strain is avoided for the caregiver.
walking-slingOur walking sling with the portable Voyager is a perfect match for those who need to be able to walk.
Quick-ReleaseWonder how you can easily attach the lift to the track? Our unique “Quick Release” (patent pending) feature allows you to disengage the strap and quickly install or remove the lift from the track.

How does a track lift change directions? Our different tracks, combined with a turntable, will leave you dumbfounded at the unlimited installation options.


Voyager Series

How can you reduce the costs related to caregiver injuries caused by patient transfers? Is it possible to improve quality of care at the same time? With the Voyager series of Ceiling Track Lifts, you’ll have all the necessary tools to decrease caregiver injuries while providing safety and security for patients.



Powerful, yet gentle, Voyager track systems will move your heaviest patients with the press of a button.

Accessible and easy to use, you save time and significantly reduce injuries.

The high-strength track system easily installs into any ceiling – new or old – while being discreet and esthetically pleasing

The universal carry bar offers you extra security with its locking hook.
Cover the entire room with our traverse (x-y) track system.
The low-battery indicator ensures you never have to ask yourself when your Voyager needs to be recharged. While charging, the charging light will go from red to green.
The emergency lowering device can be operated by a simple pull of a cord
With a simple press of a button, the Voyager (automatically) returns to its integrated charger, always ready for its next transfer. The carry bar rises out of your way, then lowers down so you can reach it.

FeaturesVoyager 420Voyager 550Voyager 800
Lifting capacity190Kg(420lb)250Kg (550lb)360kg(800lb)
Soft start & stopYESYESYES
2-speed on trackOptionalYESNO
Emergency lowering devicemanual & electricmanual & electricmanual & electric
CSA 601.1, UL 2601.1, EN 60601.1YESYESYES
Integrated charging systemYESYESYES
Visual & audible low-battery indicatorYESYESYES
Charge indicatorYESYESYES
Return to charge function on handsetYESYESYES
Return to charge timerOptionalOptionalOptional
Automatic handset lowering systemYESYESYES



The wall lift has been specially designed for home use. It is the ideal choice when affordability is an important consideration.


No problems maneuvering the patient with its 360° rotation capability, and 180° turning radius, even at maximum height!

The mechanical anti-crush safety mechanism stops the motor when the arm rests on something.

Lifting capacity160 kg (350 lb)
Soft start and stopYES
360-degree patient rotation capability,
even at maximum height
Actuator with electric anti-crush mechanismYES
Water-resistant control handsetYES
Water-resistant electronics and circuit boardYES
Padded and swivel carry barYES