Aquatic Access manufactures a variety of water-powered lifts to provide access to pools, spas, boats, and docks for individuals who have difficulty with stairs and ladders. The extensive Aquatic Access product line includes models which meet or exceed all of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design now legally required for public pools and spas, as well as a number of highly adaptable lifts for private pools.

All Aquatic Access lifts can be customized for unusual pool situations, and are now available in bariatric models for heavier individuals. A variety of accessories and options are available as well.

Relying on the environmentally friendly and renewable power of water, Aquatic Access lifts are the safe and green choice to provide access to water activities for everyone.

Made in the USA


Sling Lift SL-20

  • Stable in-ground socket installation.
  • Manual 360º multi-directional rotation.
  • Lifts up to 400 lb. No dangerous and expensive batteries required.
  • Completelygreen to operate.
  • Vertical travel up to 55″.
  • Installs in Deck Socket (Socket and Socket Cover included).
  • Other mounting options available.
  • Easily removed for storage. Mounts in deck socket for maximum stability.
  • Includes one-piece mesh sling seat, adjustable chains, and spreader bar.
  • Stainless steel construction for long-lasting, low-maintenance operation.
  • Seat can be adjusted by moving chains.

Custom Dock Lift

Aquatic Access Inc. offers custom designs to fit your needs, including:

  • Longer travel on IGAT models for low
  • water level situations or for docks and boats.
  • .Opposite seat rotation or entirely above deck mounting
  • Various seat heights
  • Designs for recessed spas with benches
  • Designs for veterinary clinics
  • And many more.

Custom Canine Lift

In-Ground 360° Manual Rotation

  • Lifts up to 200 lb. with 55-65 PSI water pressure
  • Powered by Water Pressure
  • Cylinder partially recessed below deck
  • Removable gates at ends
  • Strong Polyethylene Platform Deck and Gates
  • Stainless Steel Railings
  • Creates a therapy platform in lowered position

* Note that the pressure requirement for a faucet or hose connection is approx. 10% higher.