Stannah Curved Stairlift


A Stairlift for curved stairs
Stairlifts crafted to fit to the shape of your stairs

Get your whole house and freedom of movement back, no matter the shape of your stairs from



Are your stairs right for a curved stairlift?

  • Whether they take a turn
  • Have one curve or many or go up one floor or three
  • We can fit a stairlift that will give you back your independence.




Invest in your wellbeing

When you buy your stairlift for curved stairs you’re thinking about your wellbeing for years to come. You’re planning for a healthy, active future with added peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Our stairlifts are built to last decades. That’s decades of knowing you’re safe in your own home.

Are my stairs right for a curved stairlift?

If your stairs take a turn, we can safely say that yes, they are.

  • Whether your stairs are steep, narrow, long or short
  • Whether they’re made of metal, wood, concrete or tile
  • If there are obstacles like a doorway or radiator on your stairs
  • Even if there isn’t a clear landing at the top or bottom of the stairs
  • If your stairs have a landing in the middle, stretch over different floors or are a spiral staircase

We can make a stairlift to fit your home.


Custom-made for you

Stannah curved rails are made to measure. They’re manufactured to be the perfect fit for you and your house. The engineers that make your stairlift can see your name on the order. Every time they stamp your unique customer number onto a part of your stairlift they think of the difference the lift will make to your life. You aren’t just another number in a production line, the lift they’re making is specifically for you and your house. You, your stairs and your needs are what makes every rail personal to us. And our team is proud of every rail they make.




All the little details we add mean you can use your stairlift without even thinking about it.

Wherever you are, we’re just a phone call away

The Starla Stairlift


Starla: Perfected elegance From



The perfect blend of Comfort, Safety and Style

Many people think that stairlifts are all the same. Those people haven’t seen the Starla, our most customizable stairlift. It’s the perfect example of how a stairlift can be molded to you. It comes in a range of upholsteries and with optional light or dark wood trim to fit seamlessly into your house.


What do you get from your Starla?

Whatever your tastes may be, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in a Starla. As well as giving you your freedom of movement back, it gives you comfort and safety in your home, while blending in with your décor.

Elegant design

What defines the Starla is its refined elegance. We’re manufacturers, but we’re also designers. We wanted to make something that looks good in your home, and blends in with your furniture, seamlessly. That’s how we got to this design a design you can mold to become your own. Whether you want a light or dark wooden trim, practical, wipe-clean vinyl upholstery or soft fabric, you can tailor the Starla to your needs.

Superior engineering

Standard features like the footrest fold button mean that unlike other appliances, there’s no bending or lifting involved at all. But that’s only one of the reasons why the Starla has helped thousands of people around the world get their independence back. The other reasons are thanks to the hard work of our highly skilled engineers who have put years of research behind the product you see today. The Stannah engineers have made sure that:

  • Your Starla will never let you down, not even in a power outage.
  • Your Starla glides smoothly, quietly up or down your stairs at the push of a button.
  • The armrests and seat of your stairlift flip down easily. Once it’s unfolded you’re ready to go.
  • The controllers are easy to use. Use your hand or wrist to push in the direction you want to go and you’re safely on your way.
  • Your Starla is equipped with a footrest fold button as standard, so you’ll never have to bend down to flip your footrest up or down.
  • You even have the option of getting a Starla that turns on its own at the top or bottom of the stairs to let you off in complete safety.