Straight Indoor Stairlifts

Straight Indoor Stairlifts

When your home has a straight stairwell with no curves you need a Straight Stairlift. Here are some of your options, brands and styles to choose from.

For your straightforward straight staircase

A practical, elegant way of navigating your stairs, a straight stairlift takes you up and down effortlessly.

With your new stairlift from, your stairs can go back to being a part of your house you don’t even think about. You can get around safely and independently, making your house your home again.

Here are two Brands we carry Stannah and Bruno that offer Straight Stairlifts.

Invest in your future

A stairlift can give you what you need to get your independence back, and not just for the short-term. Our stairlifts are built to last decades. By buying a stairlift you’re investing in your future and making a choice to stay in your own home for that much longer. You’re also giving your loved one’s peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re safe in your own home.

Are my stairs right for a straight stairlift?

In the majority of cases, yes, they are. We can install a stairlift on just about any straight staircase:

  • On either side of the stairs, whichever side it fits best on.
  • On the longest of staircases, so your stairs are well within our limits.
  • Even if you have a radiator or door right at the top or bottom of your stairs, our retractable rail means we can adapt your stairlift to your home.

Being safe has never been so easy

What really makes a stairlift stand are our innovative features and modern designs. These mean it fits into your home and your needs in the easiest and most comfortable way possible.

Whenever you want to use your stairlift, simply flip the seat and armrests down, and use the footrest fold button to flip the footrest down automatically. In two easy steps your stairlift is ready to go.

You can also add a power swivel function to your stairlift if you think it would help you feel safer. When you get to the top of the stairs the chair can swivel automatically, placing you squarely on your upstairs landing. The chair forms a barrier between you and your stairs, stopping you from falling backwards and making you feel safer as you get up.

Wherever you are in the country, you know you’re getting a stairlift that is manufactured under the strictest health and safety regulations. Call today to get a high-quality stairlift built to meet your needs.